People spend billions of dollars every year in attempts to slow the aging process. Millions of people spend hard earned money on wrinkle cream, hormone replacements, and medications in pursuit of a fountain of youth. Many known factors accelerate aging. Poor diet, lack of exercise & movement, smoking, and negative emotional stress make up a few of the major contributors to accelerated aging. Another significant factor that increases cellular aging comes from poor spinal and postural health.

One method used to measure the effects of aging comes from assessing telomere length. Telomeres serve as cap-like structures located on the end of DNA strands. A relationship exists between telomere length and aging. Decreased telomere length coincides with the acceleration of the aging process. Improving health and longevity mean implementing health strategies that lengthen telomeres. Chiropractic adjustments prove to be one major strategy towards that goal. A recent study published in June of 2017 showed that telomere length increased by 8.23 percent in patients that experienced less than five months of corrective Chiropractic care. Scientific research continues to prove that better health and vitality exists through better system function.

The first recipient of a Chiropractic adjustment experience restored hearing. That first Chiropractic testimony in 1895 spawned hundreds of millions of additional success stories. Chiropractic care never intended to isolate and correct spinal problems. The original science continues to accumulate depth and understanding about the spine’s influence on health improvements that seem unrelated to the spine at first. The answer rests solely on the principle of function. The body functions better and heals itself to an astounding extent when people eliminate interference from the central nervous system. Anti-aging simply represents one of a multitude of results that occur every day for patients receiving Chiropractic spinal adjustments.

Adjustments do not attempt to treat or cure isolated conditions. Chiropractors seek to increase the function of every cell and tissue through better neurological communication. Symptoms and conditions or various ailments tend to improve or disappear when proper spinal function restores to normal. Increased focus, performance, and even a slower aging process add to the many reasons why family members of all ages deserve to understand and experience the benefits of Chiropractic care for better health in any stage of life.

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