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What Happens in the Vagus… Does Not Remain in the Vagus!


The vagus nerve comprises one of the most important nerves in the body. The vagus nerve helps control and regulate important automatic functions such as heart rate, breathing, respiration, digestion, hormone control, and much more.

What Happens in the Vagus… Does Not Remain in the Vagus!2019-06-11T09:18:28-08:00

Let Them Crawl!


Crawling serves a vital role in child development, leading to many positive neurological and structural benefits as an infant becomes a toddler. Parents should not promote walking too soon. Allowing babies time to gradually develop

Let Them Crawl!2019-06-11T09:00:25-08:00

Improvement in Neck Curve Increases Brain Blood Flow


Some of the strongest and most sturdy structures in the world contain arcs. Buildings, bridges, and doorways often include arches in order to sustain the forces continually acting upon them. The longevity of these

Improvement in Neck Curve Increases Brain Blood Flow2019-06-11T08:48:23-08:00

Infant Pain Improved with Chiropractic Care


The benefits of Chiropractic care continue to be evaluated and dissected through new studies and research. Evidence builds with each report detailing the variety of health benefits produced by Chiropractic care which extend far beyond

Infant Pain Improved with Chiropractic Care2019-06-11T08:24:23-08:00

Athletes Use Chiropractic Care


A trained eye easily spots the relatively frequent occasions in which a football or soccer player comes off the field after a trauma or collision and immediately receives a Chiropractic adjustment right on the

Athletes Use Chiropractic Care2019-04-17T09:27:33-08:00

Sitting is the New Smoking


“Sitting increased risk for diabetes, obesity and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.”University of Missouri Research“Those who sat four or more hours a day were more likely to have developed heart disease, diabetes, oranother chronic disease than

Sitting is the New Smoking2019-03-04T16:15:31-08:00

Why Chiropractic Matters


The impact of spinal function on total body health becomes more and more understood across laboratories, research centers, doctor’s offices, and hospitals across the globe. Yet, many medical doctors remain unaware of the significant contribution

Why Chiropractic Matters2019-03-04T16:02:48-08:00

Chiropractic Delivers Safe Drug Free Care


The opioid drug epidemic continues to negatively impact more and more people. Eighty percent of heroin users in America began their journey to addiction with a physician-prescribed opioid for pain relief. Opioid drugs kill tens

Chiropractic Delivers Safe Drug Free Care2019-03-04T15:49:24-08:00

Avoiding Back Pain Makes it Worse


Low back pain continues to also represent the most frequently given reason for disability, missed work days, and unnecessary use of dangerous, pain-relieving medication. Statistics also determine that low back pain represents the third most

Avoiding Back Pain Makes it Worse2019-03-04T15:49:36-08:00

Chiropractic Provides Better Healthcare for Millions


Chiropractic continues to gain popularity for a variety of health reasons. Chiropractic represents one of the largest healthcare professions in the world and continues to grow as access, awareness, and education present people with

Chiropractic Provides Better Healthcare for Millions2019-03-04T15:22:07-08:00