Improving physical fitness, transforming diet, losing weight, quitting smoking, helping others and enjoying life sit atop many resolution lists in 2018. Opportunities await at every turn and the majority of people have a desire to make the next year more productive than the last. Chiropractic adjustments play an important part of that goal. Nervous system care does so much more than decrease pain and improve body movement. The benefits extend far beyond the alleviation of symptoms and conditions. Chiropractors aim to educate as many people as possible about the drug and surgery free health care options available to all families.

An intimate connection exists between the spine and the central nervous system which allows a Chiropractic adjustment to open neural pathways that contribute to the formation of a stronger and more efficient body. A more efficient body requires less energy to operate systems that care for the heart, lungs, digestion, and more. The reduction in stress and strain on the body and organs produces an overall improvement in function and health.

Chiropractors do not target the improvement of a specific system or symptom. The current medical model of health care emphasizes the treatment of a condition or symptom, usually with drugs or surgery. Chiropractors focus on the improvement of body function and the maximized potential that exists within the body. Millions of people benefit from optimizing the natural healing processes within the body and bid farewell to needless drugs and surgery by simply unlocking the health potential that exists in every human being.

The foundational principles of Chiropractic established that the body has the ability to operate as a strong, efficient, self-healing organism with a powerful ability to heal. Nervous system interference occurs when abnormal spinal alignment and mobility hinder communication within the body. The entire healing system becomes less efficient and less effective when interference (called subluxations) perpetuates over a long period of time.

Research from 2009 confirmed that a specific hormone called norepinephrine increases when the body experiences stress. Studies refer to norepinephrine as a stress hormone. Stress hormones release into the blood when the brain perceives the presence of a stressful event. Higher stress levels and the presence of stress hormones reduce the resiliency and functional capacity of the body. The body responds by channeling more focus and energy into dealing with the impact of stressors and less energy focused on the efficiency and productivity of healing systems and proper organ function. The 2009 study linked a direct connection between an increase in norepinephrine and occurrences of cancer, bipolar disorder, excessive body weight, hypertension, type 1 autoimmune diabetes, type 2 diabetes, glaucoma, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, and immune system function.

The health, function and longevity of the body directly connect to levels of norepinephrine found in the body. Chiropractic adjustments play a vital role in the fight against the presence of stress hormones. A different study published in 2011 determined that Chiropractic adjustments help balance norepinephrine and other hormone levels by reducing interference in the central nervous system. No drug or pill serves as an adequate substitute for the genuine and authentic health produced within the human body. Chiropractic improves so many areas of health and human performance that the odds of success for most health resolutions will dramatically increase when utilizing Chiropractic care. Weight loss strategies, exercise programs, and the implementation of dietary changes all get an effective assist when activated in unison with Chiropractic care. Accomplish more in 2018 with the safe and effective resolution for better health and function. Chiropractic works.

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